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Latex Balloon Biodegradability Test

As members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA), concerned with the protection of the environment and how we can help, we have started conducting our own experiments to see for ourselves how latex balloons degrade, and how long this process takes.

The test consists of:

  • 1 x open 13 litre container (Bunnings), or similar, with a couple of holes drilled in the base, filled to three quarters with soil from your local area.
  • 9 x Latex Balloon (we’re using Qualatex brand balloons, as this is what we use in store)

1 x Standard White, 1 x Fashion Black, 1 x Standard Yellow, 1 x Jewel / Crystal Ruby Red, 1 x Diamond Clear, 1 x Jewel / Crystal Emerald Green, 1 x Pearl / Metallic Pink, 1 x Pearl / Metallic Sapphire Blue, 1 x Pearl / Metallic Lime Green.

  • The balloons should be inflated to size and then let down. This is because most balloons that find their way into the environment have been inflated.
  • The variety of balloons and colours have been selected because experience tells us that some balloons (e.g. darker colours and Jewel / Crystal) biodegrade faster than others and it is necessary to measure the difference.
  • The container should not be covered and should be left outside under all weather conditions.
  • Please photograph your experiment every 30 days (or less) and take note of any changes, etc.
  • The data collected from these tests conducted under different soil and weather conditions will be invaluable.

If anyone would like to participate, we are happy to provide you with the balloons in the kit. Please pop into the store if you’d like some, or get in touch and we can post them to you. Obviously, the more participants we have, the more data we can collect to see how different environments effect how the balloons degrade.

Updates will be posted here, on our blog, as well as on the PEBA website and Facebook page. 

Photo of Day One: 30.12.2017      Located in Padstow, NSW Australia

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